Laptop won't Charge When Suspended

Hi All,
Been using Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 for a couple of weeks and running into some issues. One of the more common ones ive read around the forums as well is the keyboard shortcuts not working, although this only happens sometimes and a restart usually fixes it (not sure which process is related to this or else i would just try restrating the process).
But the bigger problem is that the laptop won’t charge when when is it suspended. So when I close the lid and then plug in the charger nothing happens. However if i open the lid and the laptop comes out of suspend it will start charging right away (without having to unplug and plug back in). Laptop charges just fine as long as it is not in Suspend mode.
Was wondering if anyone else was running into this and what solutions I should attempt in order to fix this.

Thank you !

check to see if this is a TLP powermanagement issue - purge the package tlp, reboot and then suspend.

Hi, Thanks for the quick reply. I just -purge removed tlp. I’ll see how it goes tonight if everything is working properly.
I was wondering about something else. I have another bug I am dealing with regarding the Night Light applet. The problem is when the computer turns off the screen after x minutes of inactivity and then i wake up the screen, the Night Light doesn’t turn back on. I have to click on the Icon and toggle night light on and off again. Mind you this doesn’t happen if I intentionally suspend the laptop (e.g. by pressing the power button). I think it has something to do with the Dim Screen after x minutes of inactivity setting. Is there any fix for this? Should I make a new thread for this issue?

Appreciate the help!

Yes - please raise a separate thread (it is a known issue upstream and yes it affects both GNOME and budgie and is due to the Dim and screensaver)

Hi fossfreedom. I left the laptop charging overnight after purge removing TLP and restarting. Unfortunately I am running into the same problem. The laptop still won’t charge if the charger is plugged in while it is in suspend mode.
Do you have any other suggestions for me?

Just to check - if you shutdown the laptop does it charge?

If yes it charges then yes it sounds like a linux kernel issue. Please report it via the terminal command:

ubuntu-bug  linux

It is likely that the bug triagers will ask you to test the latest 4.17 kernel from the mainline - they will give you instructions on how to-do this.

Hey. Yes the laptop charges normally when it is turned off. It’s weird I was on ubuntu budgie 17.10 for a few weeks and this never happened. Was also on Kubuntu 18.04 for about a week, and didn’t notice it happening there either(don’t know this for sure since I didn’t use it for very long). Obviously i also tried searching for the problem but didn’t have much success finding others with the same issue. I’ll go with the bug report route and maybe try out the latest kernel.
Thank you for your help. Appreciate it.

I found this thread to be quite interesting.

I have two 18.04 laptops, one with ubuntu and one with ubuntu budgie. Both were using the 4.16 kernel. Both laptops were experiencing strange battery problems e.g. not being fully charged, etc. So, I reverted back to the standard 4.15 kernel and now I no longer see the problem.