Suspension is not working

Hi, all seems to be fine my ubuntu disco instal (i read here is beta but the iso says is alpha?).
the only issue that is brothering me is the suspension, i am happy working in my house, i have to make a demo two hours away, i just close the lid and when i am in site i open the lid only a black screen, no matter what i do i have to push the power buttom and ubuntu budgie start flawlessly

Please report suspension issues to launchpad. It is highly likely that this is kernel related. In a terminal type

ubuntu-bug linux

This will open a browser to launchpad. Type in your launchpad login name and password then fill in the details when prompted.

I’ve had the totally opposite experience. I wiped an old c2d Macbook for Ubuntu Budgie. Hibernate/suspension works flawlessly, but it won’t restart. It needs to be hard started every single time. I wonder if this is a hardware quirk, and not software. The Hibernate/Restart functions both work on my Dell c2d, similar specs. The current 19.04 beta works superfast on both

Suspension requires an ACPI state called S3 - some PC’s you can tweak the S3 state via your bios.

Then again - some PC’s have buggy ACPI firmware

So yeah - it can be PC specific - but do have a look around in your PC bios settings.

Ok - I think your issue is this upstream

Assuming it gets accepted, it will appear just before or just after the disco release with GNOME 3.32.1