Suspend login shows desktop before login displayed


I recently moved to Budgie as xubuntu suspend-wakeup was not wokring, no fun if the screen is black after a suspend.

I was pleased to find Budgie seems to work by providing a login options after suspend.

Only question is, is it normal after a suspend to have the desktop and windows shown just before the login prompt appears?

Machine: Thinkpad x270


It’s a known issue that affects some people… but not all. Workarounds described here

ok thanks for fast reply, good to know it’s a race condition not handled as one would expect.

it seems, if I lock screen first, then close lid, the suspend begins, and as screen is previously locked, appears to remove the condition described earlier.

I found this morning the login screen appears but is frozen. What logs should I look for in relation to a frozen login?

Get the same with a lock screen, along with glitching. have a two screen setup, but my laptop screen is closed/disabled, my monitor is the only enabled screen therefore.