Autologin after suspend

I have installed budgie desktop (core) at ubuntu server.
All works very well.

My question is, how can I disable the login after the suspend?
I have autologin after start and I wish it after suspend too.

Thank you.

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That looks like what is asked here:

That would be from command line:

gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.screensaver ubuntu-lock-on-suspend false
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Interestingly, mine used to autologin after suspend
Then installed gnome tweaks and switched off suspend on lid-close
Then created the service to stop my HP laptop being silly about airplane mode
Then when selecting suspend now it does not autologin…

Did not fix this for me, still no autologin. However, at the moment this is ok because hibernate is ‘sleep’ with no blinking light and no login (probably just blanking the screen), while ‘sleep’ is blinking light and login.
SO if I want to ‘hibernate’, just shut down. If I want sleep, hibernate, if I want blinky secure sleep, then ‘sleep’ :blush:

Weird. I had mine showing a lock on hibernate/suspend/lid close and indeed also use tweaks to switch off suspend on lid close. And yes, mine does not ask for a password on lid open :smiley:

I installed uswsus and then sudo s2disk works but had changed my 1 second grub timeout to 30 seconds.
I can change grub timeout back to 5 seconds, any lower and it goes back to 30 >_<

sudo apt purge whack-a-mole

The switch in gsettings works.
Thanks to all.