Bug when suspending system

When I put it in Suspend mode, when it returns it loses the network connection, being necessary to reboot the system

Double check to see if this a tlp issue

sudo apt purge tlp 

Reboot then suspend

If the problem still occurs you can reinstall tlp. File a bug report

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Dear fossfreedom friend, thank you very much for your interest in helping me.
I made his recommendations:

  1. I totally uninstalled and removed tpl
  2. I suspended OS

    But it does not reconnect the network!
  3. I reinstalled tpl

I generated the log, but since I am new here, I can not upload

launchpad.net is the Ubuntu site for all things Ubuntu - including bug reports.

Everyone who uses Ubuntu are strongly recommended to create an account there.

Once you do you can use the command I gave you - this will open up at launchpad.net and ask you for your user name and password. It will then take you to a page for you to fill in details about the bug report. Then it will attach all the logs for you automatically.

Okay, thank you, I’ve already sent the log.

I have also an issue after the suspend, but mine the display server does not work and the entire system becomes “Frozen”
I did submit a bug myself as well


Okay, Bakkar your problem seems more severe, but we both must reboot the OS, let’s wait to see if the bug is fixed.

I have tried the lates upstream Kernel and it works just fine.

Linux #### 4.16.11-041611-generic #201805221331 SMP Tue May 22 17:34:25 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux