No Internet after suspending

For some reason after resuming from a suspended system in 18.04, I have no internet.

I’ve tried unplugging and replugging, restarting the networking service, updating the kernel and every driver.

Anyone else ran into this?

There was a similar issue raised in the last few days here.

This was tracked as a kernel 4.15 bug

I would urge you to report this using the command

ubuntu-bug linux

The bug triagers are likely to as you to try the latest 4.17 kernel from the mainline. They will give you instructions how to do that.

I might have stumbled into this same issue. Budgie was running great until sometime this week, post minimal update - per notification saying i needed to. Ever since then, say September 7th ish, i can not access any internet. Wifi, ethernet, usb wifi, anything.

I tried to run the command ubuntu-bug linux as directed, but when I tried to submit was given error, something about unable to translate. Makes sense since I can’t connect to the internet.

The command did show that I am on 4.15 kernel. If this is the issue, can someone tell me how to move up to 4.17, if that is the fix? If that is not the fix - ideas?

When grub appears just after you turn on choose the advanced options and choose one of the previous kernel.

If your network connects correctly then the issue is the latest kernel which you can then report an issue against.