Cannot connect to home Wifi: 18.04

Hello everyone,

I have just upgraded my Ubuntu Budgie from 17.10.1 to 18.04 LTS (64 bit version). Unfortunately, I can no longer connect to my home wifi.

I also did a clean re-install but still had the same issue. However I discovered this morning that I could connect to other wifi but except mine. It’s really weird because wifi worked just fine back in 17.10.1

I am using Asus K550VX with Realtek RTL8723BE 802.11n PCI-E NIC. Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance.

Have you tried to restart your home router? I know it sounds weird, but since you are able to connect to other wifi networks it could maybe work.

Yes, I have re-configured my wifi router, and I am still able to connect using Windows. Anyways, I think that the problem is the linux kernel itself. I booted choosing linux 4.13 generic (by default, 18.04 will choose linux 4.15) and wifi is more than okay. Have any suggestions on this?

Given that the 4.13 kernel works and 4.15 doesn’t then this is definitely a bug with the 4.15 kernel.

Please report it to launchpad so that the kernel developers can advise further. They are likely to ask you to try the 4.17 kernel and will give you instructions how to-do that.

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Yes, this just solved my issue perfectly.
I reported it to launchpad and have tried over several kernel (4.16.9, 4.15.18, 4.17 rc5) and turned out 4.17 rc5 fix my wifi issue. Hopefully there will be a stable release of 4.17 kernel soon.
Thank you for all your help.