Wifi problem since last few days - ( approx 2 weeks )

I am using Ubuntu Budgie for a while now and since last few days I am facing problem with wifi connection. like -

  1. I login and I am connected to wifi, internet is working and then suddenly no internet, no download or upload can progress.
  2. I disconnect and reconnect, fine worked for 2 minute and again same problem of no internet.
  3. I disconnect and reconnect, fine worked for 2 - 3 minutes and again same problem.
    I am writing this post from my another laptop connecting to same wifi, no issues with internet at same time and I can confirm that only two laptops are connected at this moment for wifi.

so What is the problem with internet on my personal laptop running on Ubuntu Budgie 20.04 ?
and it is happening only since last two weeks before that it was working fine. No change in location of laptop or no change in location of wifi router.

can someone help me as you guys know how important is internet now a days. ?

You mentioned 2 weeks ago - well there was a kernel update around the 20th Oct - so that falls into your time-frame.

I would boot via grub to an earlier kernel 5.0.4-51.56 and see if that makes things more stable.

how to boot via earlier kernel ?
can I check if it still exist on my system ?

Reboot - press and hold the shift key immediately when the bios splash screen appears/turn on the computer.

This will display grub - chose advanced options - you will then see a list of three of the last kernels on your computer. Hopefully the earliest one (last on the list) is the version 5.0.04-51.56 or less than “51”

trying now … I can see 5.0.0-51-generic
shall I try that ?

5.0.0-51? are you sure it doesn’t say 5.0.04-51-generic?

If that’s the earliest 5.0.4 series then yes - try that.

sorry my mistake -

no worries - I’m getting my digits the wrong way around as well - yes 5.4.0-51 is the oct 20th kernel

loading … like Matrix Reloaded movie…
I will try and post if internet works fine now.

seems like it does not work, same issue but internet was stable for longer period. By the way meanwhile we have new updates and I did install everything. notice that there is network manager is also available in update list.

Please file a bug

ubuntu-bug linux

Also attach the output to the bug report from running the script here https://github.com/UbuntuForums/wireless-info

For wireless issues you probably should ask via ubuntuforums.org and/askubuntu.com … when using those sites also link to the wireless info output

okay. will do that. thank you for your time and support.

looks like I am not the only one who has problems with Wifi connection :-
found few threads but pasting here only one -

is it safe to try these ?

'fraid I’m not a wireless expert here. Resolutions are usually card & driver specific - so you need to check very carefully that you understand what wireless chip you are using.

I am bit frustrated after trying all the things and it is still not fixing network. without internet it is impossible to do something now a days. Tomorrow I will try more and let’s see if something works.

alright guys this is specific to my laptop which uses RTL3290. I could not do much here.
But let me try to close this thread by saying that the issue is not for everyone or kernel related. it is rt2800pci which used by ubuntu and RTL3290 does not perform that well with it.
perhaps in new versions of Ubuntu it will work better but so far I changed settings of my IPV6 configuration and finally it seems that internet is stable. I changed IPV6 method to Automatic DHS like in IP4 method.
from last two days internet is stable.

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