Internet not working thought showing connected after waking from sleep

Since installing 19.04m over 18.10, I lose connectivity ( though it shows as connected but cannot access anything web-based ) every time the computer awakes from sleep and I have to reboot to fix it. various fixes via the terminal suggested on different web sites not working. Any ideas ?? Thanks. Otherwise great upgrade.

Typically most wifi issues are kernel issues… and as such sounds like you have a regression that needs fixing at the kernel level.

Please report a bug

ubuntu-bug kernel

If you didnt choose to clean up during the upgrade you will still have your 18.10 kernel installed so you can select that from grub. Press and hold the shift button or press escape immediately on boot and choose the grub advanced option to choose the older kernel.

HI there Fossfreedom. Appreciate your prompt reply and fix. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get it to work and ended up doing a full fresh install after backing up my files. Strangely though, the problem still persists. Hopefully an update will fix things. In the meantime I will shut the computer down instead of putting it into suspend. Its still a great distro though. Thanks.

do remember to file that bug report otherwise the kernel developers will not be aware of your issue … and therefore unlikely to be a fix.

Hi Fossfreedom,
googling a bit, it seems that is a systemd-related problem and that involves every Ubuntu flavour, not just Budgie.