Connection with network cable does not work only wifi works

I installed ubuntu budgie 19.04 in my hybrid notebook with an Nvidia Geforce Gtx 1050 video card that was recognized and is working perfectly, but my network card only works wifi after updating the system soon after installation. Can you tell me if this is a bug and will it be solved with new updates?
Note: Cable Internet works normally during OS installation and also after installation is complete. But after the first update of the OS the cable internet stops working, and only wifi works. Can you tell me what it could be?

Hi and welcome,

given that things change - the likely cause is the linux kernel; this handles the device recognition.

Please report this an issue on launchpad so that the kernel devs are made aware:

ubuntu-bug linux

You will need an account on to report this.


@fossfreedom, ok thanks for the tip. It should be very likely that in the next OS updates this will work, but I will report the bug on