Internet connection problems

Hi everybody !

At the beginning I’d like to say sorry, I was confused and I had no idea where I should include this type of question.

Do you have any problems with interneto connection and install java sdk for ubuntu budgie ? I would really like to work smoothly with this operating system, but without good connection (wired connection) I can’t.

The problem is that internet disconnect every few minutes etc.

And it’s not problem of a router, because when I was using ubuntu 18.04 this kind of things never happend to me.

Is anyone here who has the same problem ?

I wish to get some answers guys !

Thanks !

Sounds like a kernel issue - all Ubuntu flavours use the same kernel and wired & wifi drivers are managed by the linux kernel.

Since this will affect all ubuntu flavours I would ask you to first file a bug report on launchpad:

ubuntu-bug linux

The bug triagers will advise you further.

In addition I would urge you to ask a question on and/or since the subject matter experts in this area hang out their.


Actually I already send a report, okey so it’s a better idea to ask this in this two forums you mention ?

Yes. I would recommend that.