Logged out automatically after resuming from suspend

This doesn’t happen as soon as i suspend and resume. Usually if i wait for a couple of hours and then resume, I see the lock screen background for a while and system is unresponsive. After a few seconds I just get the login screen as if i freshly booted and once i login, all my previously opened applications are closed and I lose all work. This started suddenly now, but I can’t pinpoint the issue to some specific update or anything. I also don’t know what logs to check or report so please tell me if anything will help diagnose the issue.

Boot with an earlier kernel from grub.

See if the issue is due the latest kernel updates

Indeed it was. I booted with older kernel and haven’t shut down the laptop ever since, just suspended it when not using and haven’t faced the issue. New kernel update was also released today. Will check if the regression caused by previous update was resolved. Thanks.

If it is not fixed then report it to launchpad.

With the report remember to say which kernel it works with.

ubuntu-bug linux