Rendering issues after locking computer

I’ve been having a long running problem regarding screen rendering. After I log into my computer after it has been locked, certain applications have weird graphical issues. Firefox almost always shows no text on the tabs, but the favicons still appear fine. Rarer, but still far too frequently, Firefox will show the background bleeding through areas of the screen. These issues are usually corrected within a few minutes, but sometimes I have to move the window around first. Another application I see issues with is VS Code. Strange graphical artifacts show up and only disappear after hovering my mouse over them.

I first started using budgie with 18.04 and this has been happening since that time. I just recently upgraded to 20.04 and it’s still occurring. My graphic card is a 1050Ti, but I also have integrated graphics as well. My current drivers are NVIDIA-450, but I’ve tried every option I could find with no change.

Any troubleshooting advice is appreciated.

Does restarting the window manager resolves this?

Ctrl + Alt + T

nohup budgie-wm --replace &

Yes. That resolves it. I could set up a script to run each time I log in, but that’s obviously not ideal.

Yeah. I have seen various screen corruption reports after resuming from suspension … not sure about after locking though.

Despite seeing “fixes” being announced by GNOME devs these reports seem still to be reported.

There is a biggish stable update of mutter (the window manager) that was released today. Dunno if that has more fixes in this area though.

Suggest update, reboot and retest.