Screen won't turn off

I have just done a clean install or Ubuntu Budgie and the screen dims but won’t turn off regardless of my power settings.

I found a few posts on here on the topic, none of which resolve the issue which seem to have been happening since at least 18.X

I can’t have a laptop that burns images into my screen. Please help.

Ok, I thought I would post an update as to my progress on this problem. I have discovered that the thread I read in this forum DOES, in fact, work (sort of) to rectify the problem:

The reason I assumed it wasn’t the same problem as mine was the insistence in the thread that it was as a result of either an upgrade process or the USER installing some aspects of gnome.

I KNEW mine was a completely clean install of Ubuntu Budgie after wiping the hard drive so, I ‘KNEW’ this couldn’t be what was causing my issue… but it was! The Budgie Installer MUST install these unwanted components as gnome has not been on my system since my disk was wiped and I have done almost nothing after installing budgie except try to get it to work.

The trouble now, is that the computer is still not behaving as expected. Now, the screen dims, then eventually fades to black and locks, HOWEVER, just when you think the systen is behaving as you would expect and want, that’s when the screen immediately comes to life at half brightness and displays the lock screen for eternity, burning that into your screen instead.

I’m confused…still. Is there a fix for this?

'fraid not - installer wouldn’t have done that.

However installing any GNOME Shell related apps will though such as GNOME Tweaks, any gnome shell extension or GDM3 - there will be others as well.

Further note to anyone with the same difficulties: The problem of the permanently illuminated lock screen resolves after a system reboot and the system behaves 100% properly now.

'fraid not - installer wouldn’t have done that.

Well, I had not installed ANYTHING when the problem first occurred… so that’s certainly interesting.

However installing any GNOME Shell related apps will though such as GNOME Tweaks, any gnome shell extension or GDM3 - there will be others as well.

So, does this mean there a great deal of apps I cannot run on Budgie if I want my system to suspend properly and not break?

You just need to be aware of the potential clash - all desktop environments have clashes of one sort or another. For example, you could install a GNOME based app with an autostart file - this would behave perfectly in both Budgie and GNOME Shell, but weird stuff will happen in - for example - XFCE.

Ok - to your issue - what is your ubuntu version you are using? 22.04.1?

What is your graphics driver you are using? Intel? NVidia? AMD?

If you are using NVIDIA - what graphics driver are you using? nouveau - or one of the proprietary drivers?

There is nothing to solve now. It’s now working perfectly but thankyou. :slight_smile:

My graphics card is ‘Mesa Mobile Intel® GM45 Express Chipset (CTG)’.

I’m using 22.04.1, yes.

ah - good good. Excellent detective skills!