Lock screen not working in 21.10

Since I updated my system to ubuntu Budgie 21.10 my lock screen is not working anymore. So using the “Lock” button in the upper right corner does not work (nothing happens). Also when my computer returns from suspend mode my screen is not locked and no lock screen is displayed. Any idea what to check and how to solve this?

The output of ps -ef | grep screensaver

jrading+    1950    1656  0 09:05 ?        00:00:00 /usr/libexec/gsd-screensaver-proxy
jrading+   32613    2987  0 13:02 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto screensaver

I’ve never actually changed anything with the login screen.

Are you using GDM3 as your login manager?

Have you got GNOME-Shell also installed?

This thread maybe your issue Lockscreen not working after update to 21.10 - #22 by RupertEverton

How can I check? Which output of the console would be helpful for tracing this?

For GDM3 - what does your login manager look like? If it looks like this then you are using lightdm/slick greeter

For GNOME-Shell - start at this part of the thread Lockscreen not working after update to 21.10 - #12 by fossfreedom

So I ran

pkill -9 -f  '/usr/bin/gjs /usr/share/gnome-shell/org.gnome.ScreenSaver'

and after that gnome-screensaver

but actually nothing happens…and I have to stop the command using Strg+C

Thats how my screen looks at start up: IMG_3643

Do you have the file above?

Yes this file (/usr/share/gnome-shell/org.gnome.ScreenSaver) exists…with following content:

    name: 'gnome-shell',
    prefix: '/usr',
    libdir: '/usr/lib',

right - so its the same issue.

To reiterate - you have in the past installed gnome-shell - and its interfering with Budgie.

In 21.10 GNOME Shell breaks budgie lock screen - upstream (Solus) do not recommend you have both Budgie and GNOME Shell installed. You certainly shouldnt have GDM3 installed - you may have installed this in the past but switched back to lightdm/slickgreeter without uninstalling GDM3

So the workaround is in the thread I linked to - alternatively you can uninstall gnome-shell-common but this will break your GNOME Shell installation.

So, is there actually a way to move back to a state that is most “natural” to the actual version of Budgie. If I understood correctly, I should uninstall GDM3 (how?). I mean in the end, I’d like to have future updates working flawlessly
So if you I uninstall gnone-shell-common, what do you mean by this will “break my GNOME Shell installation” ?

So to remove GDM3

sudo apt purge gdm3

To remove gnome-shell-common

sudo apt purge gnome-shell-common

Remember you can in Ubuntu install multiple desktop environments - you choose which desktop environment you want to launch via the login screen - so click on the “budgie” icon next to the password field to see which desktop environments you want to switch to.

When I say “break GNOME Shell installation” - its just that it means you will no longer have the ability to login to GNOME Shell via the login manager.

Assuming you have the package ubuntu-budgie-desktop installed, this will be enough to ensure future updates & upgrades work OK.

So uninstalling gmd3 and gnome-shell-common using sudo apt purge worked in the sense that I can now lock my screen again. Thanks!

Now my lock screen after suspend is different from that after reboot…as shown in the picture IMG_3644.

Is that how it should be (i.e. to have different login screens after suspend and lock)?

Yep - that is how it is expected to be - that is “gnome-screensaver”

If you are using a theme like Pocillo - then it would be darker. The theming of gnome-screensaver is dependent upon the theme you have chosen for your desktop.

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