Screen blank settings not working

I am not using Ubuntu Budgie, I am using stock Ubuntu 22.04 that I installed the Budgie Desktop packages on afterwards.

If I go to Budgie Control Center, and go to Power > Power Saving Options, I have these settings:

Dim Screen - On
Screen Blank - 5 minutes

If I go to Displays, I have these settings:

Blank Screen Delay - 5 minutes
Automatic Screen Lock - On
Automatic Screen Lock Delay - Screen Turns Off

However, after five minutes, the screen dims but does not turn off, and the computer does not go to a lock screen. Keyboard or mouse activity just stops the dimming effect, and I do not have to enter a password.

Can anyone please give me some advice on how to enable the screen blank feature?

Are you using GDM as your login manager? This will cause your observations.

GNOME Shell and Budgie conflict in this lock screen area since GNOME Shell steals the same message that Budgie requires for its lock screen.

Long thread here - the TL;DR; don’t install both GNOME Shell and Budgie.

How do I get around this limitation? I don’t think uninstalling gnome-shell is an option, it looks like it removes critical packages like ubuntu-desktop.

Well you could try this approach - its a bit hit and miss though - may work for you

Ok, I will try those out. Thank you.

I have both Gnome Shell and Budgie installed, either on Ubuntu or on Manjaro, and they live along very well. Even with GDM. There are very few conflicts in general, but I’m obviously using the same apps on both whenever possible.

I never lock my screen though. Might be a conflict I avoid without knowing. I just suspend in general when I won’t use, or overnight.