Skippy-XD PSA - How to stop mouse pointer from jumping

Do you use Skippy-XD for your hot-cornered windows expose? I like it quite a bit, unsupported or not, but in my mind it had one big annoyance - when you move your mouse pointer to the corner, the app moves the pointer over the last active window in the expose. When using a mouse, it’s not a big deal. With a touchpad, with your finger often at the edge of the pad, to have to lift it up to move it back to compensate for the pointer jump on screen was REALLY annoying.

Happy, I tripped over a fix by accident on the web. The prior administrator of Skippy was discussing the settings text file skippy-xd.rc (in etc/xdg) in an old forum post. I noticed in lines 47-49 there are three MovePointerOn… flags. Change all three from ‘true’ to ‘false’ and Skippy-XD won’t move the pointer anymore and it will behave like Gnome Expose!

Hope this helps the one or two other OCD people besides me using this. Back to your Ubuntu Budgie chat…

PS: If you want something even MORE like Gnome shell for Budgie, there’s also the (slower, more kludgy) xfdashboard out there as well.

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