Slideshow backgrounds « regular » method?

not by itself - the code in budgie-desktop will need to understand that when you specify an .xml file it needs to hand-off to the routines contained in the library that processes the .xml file.

Again - not really - a helper app like komorebi or wallset will be required - but this will be at the expense of desktop icon support

And Wallstreet does not allow to set a starting time ( it starts with session if I understand correctly ) and does not show pictures in sequence ( ie. sorted by their name - it’s always random ).

I really have to give up on that idea.

Stubborn me.

After installing libgnome-bg :

…even after replacing in dconf-editor some uri to background pictures with

Well there is a random tickbox on the applet settings - but you are quite correct it will display in name order I think budgie-extras/wallstreet.vala at 20a8ab8efd49e6cc852c06afcf7d3c2db2ff50a2 · UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras · GitHub … but if you are saying its still random then the code function there reading the filenames in the folder needs to be forced to sort - a one line change I think.

Certainly I haven’t seen anyone ask to start/stop at specific times on our budgie-extras github tracker.

Yes it’s exactly what I’m saying, it’s always random.

Yeah I guess my obsession with « clocked / synchronized » backgrounds is weird, ha, ha !

Please do raise separate issues here GitHub - UbuntuBudgie/budgie-extras: Additional Budgie Desktop enhancements for user experience

Tell me if it’s enough / if modifications are needed.

Last question - I won’t promise but I hope.

What is the default hardcoded duration of transition between two background pictures in Budgie ?

This is the number of milliseconds for the transition

If you turn off animations in BDS then there isn’t a transition period