Auto change wallpaper based on time

Hi, is this possible to implement as an option in Ubuntu budgie?

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This request is almost the same as this [Request] A default way for changing wallpaper every few minutes

The difference here is that such a mechanism needs to also understand the GNOME .xml format that the omgubuntu article is referring to.

@vlijm thoughts on this?

Interesting thought. Should be doable, but need to look into it.

Yes quite a few people are looking for this.This is a feature being discussed at solus-project github issues 1 and 2. This could be implemented using ideas from vala libxml2 example I believe.

Edit: I noticed that xml file works as a background for the lockscreen, but not for the desktop background :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh right, didn’t searched first… I would love the feature tho!

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I tried using it and couldn’t seem to get it working. I changed the file paths and selected the xml as the background with tweaks. The background is black on my desktop but in my settings app under background, it shows the Mojave image and even a message saying that it changes over time. The background remains black however on logout, the desktop will display the Mojave background for a split second before logging out. I posted something similar to on the GitHub post but thought I would share what’s happening on my end here too.

Budgie Desktop does not support the GNOME wallpaper .xml format - just pictures. If you select the .xml files you will get - as you have seen - a black background.

Thanks for the quick response foosfreedom!
I realize that now, I just wanted to let everyone know the behavior I experienced.