Image rotation for desktop background

I love Ubuntu budgie, but I remember that in the Ubuntu versions prior to 19 the background image could be in rotation among those available. Is there this feature in ubuntu-budgie and I can’t enable it, or isn’t it? It would be nice to have it.

Nothing is built in to-do that. Obviously you could just copy your favourite wallpaper and rotate it in your favourite image editor. Then save and set that image as your image background…

Very very sorry, I explained myself wrongly.
I mean change background desktop images every xx minutes.

ah … watch this space - we have something for this … just need to complete the packaging aspects. Will keep you informed

Check this thread out in the meantime, its what I use [Request] A default way for changing wallpaper every few minutes

Wallstreet is now available to test - please feedback on this thread Testing 20.04 - only for the most adventurous

I’m using Variety to do this now. Just make sure that there are no “funny” characters in your image filenames. By that I mean spaces, brackets, commas, dots… I found out through hard experience that that causes a memory leak in the Gnome settings method that balloons the budgie-wm memory usage.
I would also be very happy with a native way of doing this in Budgie, so I’m waiting with bated breath:grinning:

This will be part of 20.04 so will be native as such for Ubuntu Budgie.