Ubuntu Budgie Slideshow for Desktop

I’m new to Linux, but have a few different distros.
All I’ve been able to setup a Slideshow for the desktop.
I can’t seem to be able to find a program to do that with latest Ubuntu Budgie desktop.
Is it because it’s NOT Gnome?
Or am I able to do a slideshow, if so, how?
Thanks in advance.

Do you mean change the wallpaper depending on a folder full of photos?

Look in your menu for Wallstreet … the app we have written todo just this.

I don’t see Wallstreet in my menu.
But what I’m trying to do is, instead of just selecting 1 wallpaper, I’m wanting multiple wallpapers to act as a slideshow.
I do it with PopOs and Linux Mint, and Windows 11.
Wondering whether it’s because Budgie is NOT Gnome.
Thanks for the reply.

I’m guessing you’ve done a minimal install

sudo apt install budgie-wallstreet

“This utility will split your console into a multiple panes of news and statistics, like any good computer screen on Wall Street.”
I don’t see how this is going to give me a slideshow of images?

sorry, different Wallstreet :slight_smile:

I installed it, but it doesn’t give me access to the browse button, to select images.
It’s greyed out. Lets me select all other options.
I really think it’s to do with the Budgie desktop not letting Slideshows work on it.

Its a simple affair - you dump the images you want into a folder and tell wallstreet where that folder is.

I see that, it’s just that the browse button doesn’t let me select.
Like I said, it won’t highlight, it’s greyed out.
Otherwise, I’d navigate to a folder I already have.
I’ll try a reboot, see if that frees it up.

as I said - simple - it achieves the same end - the ability to show multiple wallpapers on a timed basis.

yep, got access now. Thanks for your help.

Will it autostart when I reboot?
Or do I need to add it to the autostart list of apps?

The Run wallstreet checkbox is the autostart option