[Request] A default way for changing wallpaper every few minutes

I would love a way to have desktop wallpaper changing every few minutes using the budgie dekstop settings instead of installing a 3rd party application such as Variety. I don’t know if this could maybe be added to 18.04?

The basic settings would be the directory you want the images to be selected from, the amount of minutes, and maybe a shuffle?


It is a great idea and was something we were considering including. Unfortunately we have just run out of time.

However if someone creates a budgie applet I am more than happy to showcase this in budgie welcome and allow it to be easily installed.


I was actually (more then) half way, but indeed ran out of time. Nice suggestion.

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Can you also add the ability to have two different wallpapers on a dual screen setup :smile:
Or one wide one spreading across the two screens.

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Interesting thought. Only option I see to have multiple wallpapers on multiple screens
is basically on the method of this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/531519/different-wallpapers-on-multiple-monitors/534589#534589. Could be done, but if screens are not similar/top-aligned, it would need the applet to make some calculation on where to put the images in the spanning screeensize. Again, could be done, and will probably get to it, unless someone knows an easier option.

wondering if nitrogen can be used to put wallpapers on different screens


If we really want to go all the way with this live wallpapers would be great too :laughing: https://store.steampowered.com/app/431960/Wallpaper_Engine/

Just for fun:

@Gabb1995 I don’t know if you are “in” for a bit of adventure, but look here: https://github.com/UbuntuBudgie/experimental/blob/master/wallpaper_show/wallpapertest.vala, where we are working on a version of a wallpaper switcher in Vala. This is of course just the engine, but you can use it :slight_smile:

To set up:

  • download the file, safe it as wallpapertest.vala
  • cd into its directory and run valac --pkg gio-2.0 ./wallpapertest.vala

A new file was created: wallpapertes. Run it with the wallpaper-directory and the time (seconds) as arguments, e.g.:

/path/to/wallpapertest /folder/with/images 300
to make it switch every 5 minutes.
If it works as you like, add it to Startup Applications, or…
Wait a while, then it will be available as an applet :slight_smile:

I will definetely try it out tomorrow and see what I find :slight_smile: thanks.

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Just tested it and it works fine!

Ah, great! Thanks for confirming.

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basic and simple but works LOL
With the Variety software that I loved, I was having issues

Good progress is being made by @vlijm … the engine above is being turned into a very lightweight native budgie applet. Watch this space :grinning:


no joke, I am very happy ! Wallpaper are part of our lives nowadays LOL

I am a " dolphin type personality (like having fun)" and for me this is as important as the stability of the OS LOL LOL

Variety was cool but for me, it was simply stopping changing the wallpaper after a while…

Just out of curiosity : it was totally feasible in previous ubuntu version. You just had to add your pictures in /usr/share/backgrounds and modify the contest.xml file ( if I can trust my memory ).

Today in 18.04 if you add some pictures to usr/share/backgrounds/Budgie they won’t appear in Settings/Backgrounds and no way to set a path to a chosen folder for images. Only ~/Pictures is shown.

Why such a visible thing as desktop background has become so « closed » ?

( + same kind of « problems » with Lightdm background, if you chose some personal picture through login-screen app’ it’s not updated in Settings/Background )

Now I did not test this : what could happen if I create a ~/.local/share/backgrounds/budgie folder ?
[later] → nothing…

It’s so strange not to be able to manage backgrounds from Settings/Backgrounds…

Gnome expects your own pictures to be in the local pictures. Fiddling around with stuff in the /usr area is for package maintainers.

The log in window is not gnome … that is deliberate since gnome gdm3 is a massive memory hog under budgie. Slick greeter is managed by the menu option Login Window

They all are. But it seems Gnome did not expect subfolders in Pictures folder. Really ?

I know. But still : shouldn’t settings made in Login Windows be « backported » to dconf ? Actually they are not.

And why adding pictures to usr/share/backgrounds/Budgie don’t make them available in Settings/Backgrounds ? Is each picture’s path hardcoded elsewhere ?

I can’t really say why gnome does stuff. It just does.

Stuff in backgrounds and backgrounds/budgie needs also to amend the associated XML file in those folders. That is how the gnome backgrounds stuff works.

Slick greeter works with a config file not dconf. Not sure what you mean by backporting. If you mean trying to get slick to work with Gnome backgrounds then sure … a patch needs to be suggested on the upstream mint project.

Where is that xml file ?

I was not sure of the word either :wink: transferred to ? Infos from the slick greeter config file should be carried over to dconf ?

have a look in /usr/share/gnome-background-properties

Not really understanding what you mean by “carried over to dconf” - what process is supposed to copy the values of the Login Window slick greeter config file to the slick-greeter dconf?

Why should it? What are you trying to achieve?