Solus Team Change

So, what is the impact of Joshua Strobl leaving Solus?

Potentially nothing. We have been discussing matters with Joshua. Once things have settled down then more extensive and explanatory announcements will be made.

Kind of watch this space.


He mentioned a Budgie team and asking groups, such as Ubuntu Budgie, to join?

@makitso I had a long, nice chat with Joshua today. There is no reason to worry for the state of Budgie. Our relationship with the upstream was cordial before, and it will continue to be cordial.
I know you must be curious and that’s really ok. However, this is not the time for us to demand answers and explanations. I believe it is better to be calm and let Joshua figure things out with Solus, let’s be patient and as always, understanding during times of change.

Once Joshua comes back with more defined plans for the Budgie desktop, we will be very happy to share everything with our awesome community.

Read one of his post on Reddit earlier.

He will still actively develop Budgie.
He will actually have more time to dedicate to its development.
He still plans to transition to EFL.
He will remove references to Solus in everything Budgie.
They will take advantage of “getting independent from Solus” to allow more people to be able to access the project hosted github page, so as to share responsibilities with more developers.
Therefore changing the project structure.

In a nutshell.

“He will still actively develop Budgie.”

The funniest thing. This morning I got an email informing me that “he” had closed one of my old issues, #1884 with a fix. :slight_smile: