Solus Moves On with a New Core Team

Of likely interest to this community was Solus’ recent update. It’s quite the listen/read. I posted my opinion on their subreddit. FYI.

Gulp!! It sounds like a lot of drama. I sure hope Solus/Budgie don’t go the way Evolve did :frowning:

Maybe a “stupid question”: But what’s the drama going on Solus or Budgie DE?

To me it does sound like a much more solid state of affairs than before. No longer just sitting back waiting for one person. Now there is a substantial core team in place.

It does sound more promising and I wish the team every luck moving forward.

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Very doubtful at this point. It sounds like they have a much more solid structure now, a good team in place (that will grow), and renewed focus. It sounds like it will only be better for Solus (and UB).

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Super-summarized and simplified? The “founder” of Solus (and the Budgie DE) who was a very public and opinionated figure in the Linux world and who left his job at Intel to work on Solus full time last year, has been slowly receding from activity on the project and basically hasn’t been in touch with the rest of his team for four months, kind of leaving them in the lurch. He also alone owns (not the Solus team) the Patreon account people have been donating to (myself included) which I think at its high was at $2,000-2,500 a month in donations. The remaining team had been kind of covering this up (for good reasons, including concerns over the health of the founder) but their reassurances were starting to strain credulity and rumors were starting to fly, especially notable for a project so associated publically with one person. They came completely clean on the story this weekend (the link above).

The new team is very strong, has great plans for reorganization, and has put this behind them and is refocused.

@Iiari thx for the super-summarized explanation!
It’s really incredible that the “founder” didn’t communicate with the team and owns the money of the donation. This is absolutly a No-Go!

It’s good that the new team will be reorganized and focs on the future!

Absolutely. I think they’re going to reorganize under the aegis of the Software Freedom Conservancy, which is a great move.

yes that’s true! But IMO the community is closed on themselves - it’s hard to work on Budgie DE without any hints and help.

Therefore thx to you all guys, who try to get all new user of UB Budgie get part of our UB! :slight_smile: