We are recruiting: International Developer

Hi all,
We are looking for a new Ubuntu Budgie team member who can use their current Ubuntu Budgie user expertise to benefit all of our non-native english speaking community.

Principally we are looking for an enthusiastic developer who can spend a few hours a week and

  1. is proficient in any computer language and who is willing to learn python & vala to make very small changes to ensure all things “budgie” are localised rather than English-centric
  2. is proficient with git (gitlab/github accounts) who knows about forking, creating quality merge requests, git-patches, branches etc.; must be happy to work with various upstream projects
  3. has experience with creating bash scripts to automate their work
  4. has experience/knowledge of how translations managed in projects i.e. pot files, po files, GNU text utilities (msgfmt, msgcat, msgmerge, xgettext, intltool-extract etc.) to extract, merge and manipulate translations

Such a person should be proficient in both speaking and writing in english and can read and write in another language. <-- you’ll need this to test your good work!

All work will eventually be Debian packaged - so if you have all the above qualities and want to learn about including your efforts in a .deb, building and uploading to launchpad we want you now!

Direct message me - let me know a little bit about yourself and your opensource journey (what projects and involvement etc) and how you meet the above.thx.

So you need to be a dev to get in?
How much money or you need to work free

UB is a community project. So this is an opportunity for an enthusiastic member to directly shape his/her distro.

Hold on! I need to pay for this? Cool :smiley: :smiley: Jacob never told me

What? Lol no…
I’m confused now