Help out with translations for DesktopFolder

UB is now helping out with translations for the DesktopFolder project. So if you want an easy way to get involved with a great open-source project, how about helping with translations?

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I’ll have look on it

I’ve noticed that Italian translation is only 95% done, so if needed I can help.

And … once (when last LTE was Precise) there was also a (poor, to be honest) latin UI; what about translating Budgie in latin too?


Wonderful if you can look after the italian translation regularly. There will be a few updates over the next few weeks leading up to 19.04 - so would be great to find dedicated people to regularly check.

To be honest - I have no knowledge of anyone wanting budgie in latin - but if you want to maintain that language then that I am sure would be very nice to those latin readers out there.

Thanks, I’ll take a look tomorrow as soon as I’ll be at work (here is 5-and-something pm and I’m here from 8am so I’m about ready to run home as fast as I can).

About latin: there was a translators’ group for Ubuntu but nowadays they’ve left, I fear (no more latin Ubuntu since 12.04); I’ll think about very careffully :wink: because a nice 20 years pack has flow since I studied latin (same thing for ancient greek) at school :grin:


German is completly translated.Should I take a look on it?

Which languages need translation? every time I look it’s already done, every time XD

Some languages already have very active translators - so as soon as something needs doing, it gets done very fast. Others just a one or two translators so it can take weeks or months for updates to happen :frowning:

It’s a pity, because I’m in the group that has fast translations ^^U. I hope you get them in time :neutral_face: