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How to solve orthographical faults on Budgie Welcome?



in the german version of 18.10 - I found an orthographical fault.
How can this be solved?




If you mean some translation issues you can fix them easily through transifex


I mean this: “In Ubuntu Budgiebieten (…)” --> it should be: “In Ubuntu Budgie bieten (…)”


Sure. Please can you join and make the adjustment. Since I am not a native German speaker I don’t want to make any mistakes.


Okay I’ll join the budgie translation group and make the adjustment :slight_smile:


Hey hey I can join translate team for Turkish


just sign up to transifex and select Turkish as your language.



I just finished the french translation. There were only 3 sentences to complete the translation.

It seems that “backports” was the word posing problems to the other translators. I translated it by “rétro-portage” (which is the correct word) even if when I speak about “backports repository” I usually say “dépôt backports” just to be sure that the person I talk easily understand by seeing the URL of the repository mentioning “backports”…
So, I’m now asking myself if leaving “backports” untranslated wasn’t a better choice. What do you think about that ?


Difficult question for me being a native English speaker. So I would trust your expert knowledge in this area!


I am a native German speaker and doing some translation work, also for UB. Sometimes finding the best translation can be challenging. At least in Germany, people are very used to seeing, hearing or using English vocabulary, especially in the IT area. At times, people actually expect to see an English word or expression. Sometimes it is really better to use the English word, especially when the native expression sounds off or is not understood by the majority.