Minor flaw in Budgie menu localization (german)

Since the upgrade from 18.10 to 19.04 the Budgie menu categories “Administration” and “Preferences” are no longer translated to “Systemverwaltung” respectively “Einstellungen”.

Translations are managed upstream - would recommend helping out to correct this.

Thanks for your quick response. There is one project listed on Weblate | Solus called Budgie Desktop and its 291 already translated strings do not include any of the menu categories. Maybe these translations are managed by the Ubuntu-team?

hmm - ok - apologies - I’ve just re-read your query - those strings are coming from GNOME themselves. No - not Ubuntu or Ubuntu Budgie.

As to which specific project I’m not sure - https://wiki.gnome.org/TranslationProject/LocalisationGuide