When are translations updated?

The Irish translation has been finished for quite a while (months) but it never seems to get updated. Does it have to be reviewed first? How is that going to happen if I’m the only translator?

On double-checking Transifex, it’s not even clear I’m actually a member of the team and I can’t be added because Irish isn’t listed in the drop-down when you join. BUT I also can’t request the language because it already exists in the translation side!

Seems a bit of a mess.

I presume you are referring to upstream budgie desktop?

My understanding is that the upstream maintainer is currently seeking access from Ikey Doherty (the project owner). This is in preparation for the upcoming budgie desktop v10.5

I assume once that access has been granted, all the translations including Irish will be transferred to the upstream Solus Project budgie desktop repo and at that point budgie desktop v10.5 could then be officially released.