Typo error in 18.04 LTS network panel app - 32 bit only

In Budgie Desktop Settings -> Panel
‘Network’ item has been mistyped as ‘Newtork’

Yes. Known issue. This is fixed for 20.04 LTS

18.04 is the last 32 bit LTS version. How do I go about fixing it in this version, so for all time it looks polished? Where’s the original bug report? Found it on this forum but nowhere else?

:smiley: should I get an account and add to the bug report or is the backport going to happen automatically?

The existing ubuntu budgie backports package will need that patch adding and rebuilt.

In general I think the team needs a new member who can deal with these translation issues - the existing team just doesnt have the bandwidth for these small - but annoying to some - issues.

I’ve got a bit of spare time at the moment, used to be industry so should pick up the procedures quickly though I’m only good for fixing typos and stuff, not a coder at all!

19.10 here:

So, you need someone who can translate, or someone who can apply patches? just curious

code python, can compile code, willing to learn todo small changes in vala, knows git, willing to learn how to apply patches to debian packages, happy to work with various upstream projects, merge translations

I will draw up a simple job spec soon.

I wonder if my old job still exists in any form? I was the incident management analyst i.e. a senior software tester who sits in between the kernel and project teams, triaging everything that comes and goes and overseeing quality process improvement opportunities.

If you wish, I am willing to do this.

  • know python
  • can compile
  • i can learn a bit of vala, I’m familiar with C++ and Golang
  • I know Git
  • Willing to learn how to apply debian package patches
  • happy to work with any upstream project
  • merge translations (although I don’t know where to)

Unrelated, does Genie, a Pythonic language compiling to Vala, support budgie applets?

It does not (as far as I know).

I imagine since it transpiles - you might be able to consume the C… but - likely much easier to just use a supported language (Vala) vs shoehorning it in.

Does anyone have a simple Vala example? As a test I can try porting to genie.

anyways this is getting offtopic

Vala tutorials are actually a little hard to find (current). valadoc.org is your friend. Otherwise, the gnome developer center has some stuff (ie - https://developer.gnome.org/gnome-devel-demos/stable/beginner.vala.html.en). I also thought this one was ok - https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/vala/.

I do know the basics of Vala - I meant the basics of a budgie applet in vala

Sorry, my bad!

You can also look in our GitHub repositories at some of the real applets that ship with the distro.

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