What is the relationship between solus and ubuntu budgie? What is the future of Nemo?

I searched the net and found that Solus and Ubuntu Budgie is managed by different people. I want to know if someday Solus people decide not to work with Budgie anymore then what happens to Ubuntu Budgie?

Another Question - I am mainly willing to shift to UB because of Nemo. Is the team planning to stick with Nemo, or in the next release there will be another poll and the File Manager will be changed to something else?

Indeed. Separate teams.

Very speculative question!

Given the future plans published by upstream we have high confidence for budgie’s long term future. So there isn’t anything really to worry about.

All the interim releases since 18.04 LTS are a stepping stone towards 20.04LTS. Nemo is part of that. The feedback from everyone is that Nemo has been warmly received. As such, Nemo will be part of the 20.04 LTS planning.


Thank you very much.

Bad, very bad to me. I understand it’s my personal opinion. Anyway I’m back to upstream Ubuntu right now.

Nemo is an amateur file manager to me out of an amateur DE like Cinnamon.

Can you be more specific about your complaints?
It seems very mature to me, in that it does what a file manager is supposed to do.
I think it could have additional features (adding a tab for a new window maybe), but if you could be more specific, that would be helpful.


Do you mean CTRL+T to open a tab?

Sure do. Is that covered in the Getting Started section of welcome?
ah, not yet. Will be added.

I’d be interested to know the problems or complaints against Nemo. Personally, I love it and am very happy the Ubuntu Budgie team chose it.


Nemo is ok, but I still prefer Nautilus. I just reinstalled Nautilus and set it as the default. Problem solved!

I’ve never seen any good explanation about why people don’t like Nemo. It’s always fairly vague comments about amateurism or bad programming, but the thing is it actually has features that many people like and want. I don’t care how well programmed Nautilus is (if it is), if it makes life difficult for me (which it certainly does) then it’s no good.

[I’m using a vanilla Ubuntu 18.04 which had Nemo already + Budgie]

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The only reason I use nemo is https://github.com/linuxmint/nemo/issues/520

I switched to Budgie Linux from a very hacked up Ubuntu (it’s a long story - it worked fine, until it didn’t, and it was all my fault - but the short is, that I started with 14.04 LTS minimal, and built it up to look and work like Crunchbang), after discovering Budgie via Solus. I didn’t like the Solus package management system, and wanted my Debian repos, etc. Good thing BL was around!

I liked the desktop because for the most part, it reminded me greatly of the MacOS desktop I have on the MBP my employer provided me. It’s simple, lightweight, and intuitive - but it still allows you just the right amount of customization without you needing to delve too deep into the weeds.

Nemo is almost a perfect file manager; there’s only one thing missing that I’d love to see:

Document Preview

It’d be nice, when you highlight (click) on an item, a preview in a panel next to the file list would appear, of whatever the document is; if a picture, it would show a thumbnail - if a PDF, it would show the first page (and allow you to page thru). It should resize and such as needed (when the window size is changed). Do this for the basic types, similar to how the Mac Finder does it. More or less show a preview for pictures, videos, PDF or similar documents, sound files (a small player?), flat text files, etc - heck, if you could work in a viewer for STL files that would be super-sweet (I bet some 3D printer folks would love to have that).

Probably just about every media type, for it’s default action, the app it should open most likely has some kind of API to create a preview; if not, adding some default app for that should be possible.

Other than that - it’s pretty much perfect; just enough to be productive, not a lot of bells, whistles, and dodads to distract you (ok, I’d love to see transparency of the file list and folders, too).

There is a preview nemo plugin available - it hasn’t been packaged for Ubuntu yet though. It behaves like gnome-sushi for nautilus - highlight a file and press the space bar opens a window with the file in a preview window.

Would be an interesting packaging exercise if someone wants to try - they will need to repackage nemo-preview and xreader (http://packages.linuxmint.com/pool/backport/n/nemo-preview/ and http://packages.linuxmint.com/pool/backport/x/xreader/)

I also see this request made upstream

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In the meantime, what do you think about adding the shortcuts documentation from here:
to budgie-welcome?

Dont think they are necessary. Only essential common shortcuts need to be described to navigate the desktop and key apps. At best we can add a “more Nemo keyboard shortcuts can be found here” type sentence and clicking the link opens to that webpage.