[solved] Plank does not show (running) appimage applications

Can’t find a Plank dedicated forum/website and the login functionality of Launchpad is mailfunctioning (login gives server error). Forgive me for posting this here.

  1. install AppImageLauncher via ppa repository
  2. download digiKam appimage
  3. go to download folder and double-click the app image.
  4. AppImageLauncher will pop-up, select to integrate.
  5. Now Digikam launches.
  6. Digikam is shown when searching for it via the Budgie top icon (clearly it has been integrated)

digiKam launches and an icon appears on Plank.
You can right-click the icon to pin it.

digiKam launches, nothing is shown on Plank.
Other non-pinned items (not appimages) do appear on Plank when I launch them.

Is this normal for appimages?

I can drag and drop the digiKam icon on Plank after searching for it via the Budgie icon, then I can also pin it. But Plank is not aware when digiKam is running, there is no blue marker for it when it runs.
Clicking on the icon on Plank will simply launch another digiKam instance.

Never mind, after a reboot, it works as expected.

Please delete this topic as it is offtopic.

EDIT: make sure you do not first copy the .appimage to the dedicated folder. Just launch it from your /Downloads folder or any other folder.
AppImageLauncher will then show the popup, asking to integrate it. If yes, it will move the entire file to the dedicated folder. Only then will it work correctly within the system and with Plank. A Reboot might be necessary, but perhaps you only have to restart Plank.

It’s an interesting topic … useful for others when searching. Thx for raising and finding the solution.