Plank doesn't show unpinned apps

Hello everyone,
my issue has to do with Plank.

Although I have selected the option “Show unpinned”, when I open an unpinned app, it won’t appear on the plank dock.

By turning to another workspace and back again, it will appear.
Also, by turning off the option “Restrict to workspace”, it works as expected.

Is this a known bug?
Is there any way I can have both options “Show unpinned” and “Restrict to workspace” on?

Turning off show unpinned does indeed turn off showing those icons.

Flipping workspaces and showing the icons is unexpected. That sounds like a bug

ubuntu-bug plank

Let me rephrase my issue,

In my case, I have the options “Show unpinned” and “Restrict to workspace”, both on.
However, the unpinned apps won’t be shown on the dock, unless I switch to another workspace and get back again.

What version of ubuntu budgie are you using? 20.04.3? 21.10?

It’s 20.04

Thanks a lot for the quick response fossfreedom!