How to create shortcuts in the plank panel?

Hi. I downloaded Waterfox from

I opened waterfox but I can’t fix it in the dock. How can I do this? Also, where is the recommended place for storing these tar.gz programs ? Is there an recomendate way of installing it?

Thanks and sorry for being newbie and for having a bad english. I still learning.

I’ve used this ppa. Wonderful and up to date.

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Thank you so much!
I will use this repo

you can also pull files, folders, etc. directly from nemo or nautilus onto the plank bar …

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Will try! Thank you so much

I was not expecting something so easy

The other option is to start the app. Right click on the icon in the dock and choose the “keep in dock” menu option.

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This doesn’t worked. The option to “keep in the dock” was not showing.

(I started the firefox in the terminal with ./waterfox)

I don’t know if I did something wrong, but the only option was “close”