Browser icon disappears from Dock


Every once in a while, my browser icon disappears from the Dock. It will be there and then when I turn the computer back on, it won’t be there. It doesn’t happen all the time, only about every three times.

Any ideas?

Ubuntu Budgie 20.04

What is your browser?
Is it a snap install or a deb install?

Brave and deb install.

It just did it again. Once the computer loaded, the Brave icon was missing from the dock. This time it was there for 6 days and then it wasn’t there.

Did you have a software update? Was brave updated?

Yes, the Brave browser updated.

Right. So what is happening is that the brave update is taking too long between it removing the old package and installing the new package.

Plank has a fixed amount of time where it monitors when a executable is removed. If the time is exceeded it assumes that the executable is gone for good and therefore removes the icon.

This time interval is hard coded in plank.

You need to investigate why brave updates are so slow compared to regular updates. Sounds like a question for the brave forums.

Actuallly, this is my problem. Looks like it has been happening since 2018

Very Strange , plank has never lost any of those icons on my setups. 3 machines. Must be only on some setups. … the patch kindly supplied in the posts of that bug report has now been merged into the launchpad upstream source.

This I would expect be released soonish to resolve other Debian issues. Once it is in Jammy we can then look at backporting the fix to current supported releases.

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