Sound above 100%

I am using 18.04. In the sound applet you can not directly raise sound above 100%. You have to open PAVU separately. Is there a way to allow you to do so directly with the sound applet? In earlier versions of Ubuntu this was possible.

You have previously asked this question and the answers still apply

I searched for the topic and did not find anything. I’d forgotten.

I installed the backports. Sound appletis still restricted to 100%. I checked to see of the backport actually installed using synaptic and I saw it there and it was checked. I still have pavu installed. Is there anything else I can do?

thanks for the quick and helpful replies


Ok. Once you are fully updated the control for sound above 100% is in budgie desktop settings.

Once the checkbox is ticked the sound applet wi then have the ability to go above 100%

I would assume I am fully installed. For other reasons I had to shut off the computer. Still there is no check mark. I attached a screenshot.


Budgie desktop settings … on the raven tab

that was it, thanks!