System Menu Doubles

I have doubles of Atom text editor, LibreOffice math, Disks, and gnome-tweak icons in the system menu. I didn’t see two .desktop files for Atom, but I did execute Atom from the terminal using sudo once, but not the other programs. Normally running as sudo doesnt alter the menu, so that’s probably not the problem… How do I remove the doubles without deleting the original?

This is a known issue upstream budgie-desktop. It is because the .desktop file specifies two different categories, but the budgie menu system doesnt distinguish between then and displays twice.

You can see that if you go into budgie-settings - panel and click on budgie-menu. Check the “Show Headings” checkbox. In the menu you now will see that your application appears in two different sections.

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Eureka! It was relief enough just to get the two icons separated from each other. Thank you for leading the development of this project!

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As mentioned above, use menu headings or dig into the budgie desktop code and have a go fixing this properly by deduplicating menu entries.

Not sure if this is related, but System Menu also created duplicate categories of the apps i edited.


Any way to at least reset the menu?



Click on the folder (Games in the picture) and look at the bottom of the app - if you see /home/yourname/.local… then click the Delete button. Dont worry about the warning message - it will just delete the local copy of the folder.