Two apps/icons of many applications

Hi good people!
How or why do I have two icon of some apps at the “budgie button”?
For example two instances of firefox icon under internet.
I can say that I have two of atleast 3 apps.
Wonder if they are installed twice? What is the cause of this and how do I remove the extra ones?

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If you have a folder under your home folder called .config/menus then remove that as well as .config/menus/applications-merged

That is usually the cause of duplicate menus appearing

Another cause of multiple launchers in menu is because app’s have been installed in different « package formats » :
⋅ the good old regular one as known as .deb from official APT repositories,
⋅ the new monster ones aka snap or flatpak.

So you may end with, for example, Firefox installed twice, one in .deb, the other as a snap, each one with its launcher.