Duplicated system tray icons

Hi everybody!

I switched today from Linux Mint to Ubuntu Budgie and was pleasantly surprised by the speed and innovative design.
One problem really bothers me:
When I open software like Slack, Telegram, CopyQ and more, which displays an tray icon in the Apples area, the icon is displayed and doubles itself over and over again. the software of course is open in only one window.
I searched a lot on the net but could not find a solution. Is there anything else I can do? Very annoying to see the whole screen filled with the same icons:

Well that’s a first. I have never seen that before.

Is this a fresh install? What version of ubuntu budgie are you using?

Do you have both the system tray applet and application indicator applet on your panel?

It is very curious that you have 4 icons of each application in your panel.

Do check how many processes of each application you have running. Is it 4 each?

I restarted and it fixed … If the problem comes back I will check again what you wrote. Thanks in the meantime :slight_smile: