Testing 23.04 - Are you brave enough?

Budgie screenshot icon loads in plank-dock, but the application crashes before opening. I would like to open the app via the terminal to view the errors, but don’t know the proper command.

Its something like /usd/bin/org.buddies… something press tab to complete

All - FYI - our lunar dailies are stuck on christmas day - no builds since. This is because of a package conflict with nemo 5.4 and cinnamon translations at v5.6. Nemo 5.6 is stuck in proposed because of another package called libx11 that is failing in various auto-package tests. We’ll just have to wait for the Canonical Xorg dev to resolve. No ETA that I’m aware of.

Working after updates ! Easy one.

Thankfully all packages have now successfully migrated.

Todays daily image has been created successfully Ubuntu Budgie 23.04 (Lunar Lobster) Daily Build

Look out for the new version of nemo v5.6 which is now available.

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Budgie Applet projects screenshot-applet and haste-applet have now been git archived by its author. This means no further development and more importantly no support from the author.

As such - unless these projects are forked and actively maintained, we will be removing both screenshot applet and haste applet from welcomes budgie-extras page

  1. Budgie Desktop v10.7 has been released and this will form the basis of 23.04
  2. to be done - copy the relevant bits into the first post that is specifically new for 23.04 since alot of the release was part of our 22.10 distro
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is Budgie Desktop v10.7 already included in the 23.04 testing ISO?

no - its available in the daily PPA as per the first post. I will be looking to push into ubuntu in the next few weeks - before the freeze date end of Feb.

gotcha, missed that in the first post thank you for clarifying

Using 23.04 has Made the bluetooth failed to work.

How do I get rid of this error? It’s getting on my nerves… The repository ‘Index of /numix/ppa/ubuntu lunar Release’ does not have a Release file.

NVM. Unticked it from the repo list.

Tried to execute an AppImage file and get this error


don’t you have to give appimages execute permission first?

First post now updated with:

  • Window Shuffler enhancements - quarter tiling via dragging and asymetric tiling
  • Hotcorner enhancements - activate now on eight spots on the screen
  • Theming and Icon updates
  • Budgie Analogue Clock & its Raven widget

I have a question for 23.04, when it does come time to perform the upgrade and if we get a message asking if we want to keep custom config files or replace what should we choose?

Kinda depends on the file being uplifted. For network manager i tend to keep since i use global network settings.

Ok, but nothing from the Budgie team that you guys put in the OS I need to know about?

nothing that I’m aware of - but do install 22.10 in a VM and do an upgrade to 23.04 - easier highlight a specific question about a file being changed rather than a generic type question.