Text spacing in tilix

How can I fix the text spacing? I am already using monospace garuda regular in budgie desktop settings.

hi Nikita,
If you see three dots right upper corner, click on it and go to preferences. In preference check the default area and set your preferences.
I hope it will work for you.

hello, I am attaching a snippet of the default area. What changes do you suggest I should make? Decreasing the terminal size, columns and margin doesn’t help.

These are my settings :-

and My spacing is tilix look like

I changed my settings to what yours look like and I’m still facing the spacing issue. Could you also let me know your font settings in budgie desktop? I have set the font to regular garuda in mines.

When you say you are using “Monospace Garuda Regular”, does the font name actually have the word “Mono” in it? I don’t think Garuda has a monospace option, at least not on the default install. If you change your Monospace font to something like “Ubuntu Mono Regular”, it hopefully will fix the problem.

Oh it’s alright. I just ticked the custom font checkbox and the spacing looks normal now. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Yeah, it did not have “mono” in it. Yes, changing to Ubuntu Mono Regular” fixed the problem. Thanks