Desktop Icon Text Space

I have two systems, one running 18.10 Nautilus and the other 19.04 Nemo.
On the 18.10 system the desktop icon text shows the complete name (light icon below). On 19.04 the text is truncated (dark icon below.

Is there some way to set the text width via an entry in dconf.editor in 19.04?
Both systems run:
Icons: Humanity
Widgets: Pocillo
Fonts: default

unnamed icon

Your desktop font does look bigger - does reducing the font size help?

Ok, answered my own question. By changing the text-ellipsis-limit to 3 fixed the problem.

As a side note, the default in Nautilus is 3 and the Nemo value is 2?

Also, in Nautilus, the default font is set to Ubuntu 10 whereas in Nemo its set to Noto Sans 11.

hmm - think maybe we should change those two defaults for 19.10…

It would seem to me that the migration, from Nautilus to Nemo, should result in as few cosmetic issues as possible. But, I am a bit picky on cosmetics :slight_smile: