Too Many "SHUTDOWN"s to click

I have to go through three separate clicks to shut down this 'puter. I think that’s 2-too many. I know what I want and I want to get it over with!

How can I get rid of a couple of these clicks and get the desktop to do what I want it to do the first time?

TIA — and I’m code-ignorant, but I can try to learn.

You can setup a keyboard shortcut to do this immediately. Go to the shortcut section in the Settings and The command you are looking for will be: shutdown now

The panel shutdown option throws a “lets be nice” shutdown message to all apps. So applications are supposed to take-heed and initiate a shutdown. Once all apps are shutdown, the computer then shuts-down.

If you have any apps/background processes running that doesn’t play nice then yes it will take a few “kicks” to get them to close.

As @benpiller mentioned - you can force a quick shutdown via a “shutdown now” keyboard shortcut. Just be aware, if you’ve got apps with pending work, they will also be closed and may not shutdown in a clean way. e.g. LibreOffice - you may lose work on docs that have not been saved.

I guess my frustration is that I am arguing with a computer… a fruitless attempt. I can understand losing some unsaved operations and that’s something that I am willing to chance. After all is said… I want not to be second-guessed.

But I DO see your point.

My REAL frustration comes from the 'puter restarting itself once it’s off.

I’ve set the BIOS POWER OPTION to not restart if there’s a power glitch, yet it restarts once… and only once more… after it shuts off and I have to do the shutdown three-step all over again.

I never experienced this in the “other” opsys (shudder) and so far whatever mysterious quirk this 'puter has learned, it got from associating with Linux.

I ain’t gonna go back to M$…(now I have to wash my eyes in soap) … so that’s a non-happenstance. Does anyone have any experiences along this vein?

Ultimately… I want to be the master.

Just out of curiosity… Start Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and then type shutdown now. Is it doing a clean shutdown this way?

I’ll give it a shot this afternoon… right now I’m in physical therapy. I think I tried that and there might’ve been a syntax error… but I’m not totally sure.

you could also try to configure the hot corner applet to do it.

I use it to to go to sleep for similar reasons. I have it set up that i just pull the mouse to bottom left and it goes to sleep. But i think you could set it up to shutdown too (or hibernate?)

Hmmm? That’s interesting. I’ll take a look around and see what happens.

I can screw this up like you’ve NEVER seen! Just watch me…