Tool to continuously watch folders and incremental copy/backup to other location?

I already use Timeshift to create incremental system backups (excluding personal files).
I use SyncThing to sync my Android devices DCIM /Pictures folder and /Whatsapp messages backup (no media) and also Signal messages backup.

Since Syncthing also syncs all delete actions on your phone, I am looking for a tool that can continuously watch the sync folders on my pc and incrementally copy those changed/added files automatically to a different location. (Specifically for the /Pictures folder since I move precious photos on my phone from Camera folder to that folder).

I understand this can be done using a script with inotify and rsync. I am looking for something more user friendly… especially for my /DCIM and /Pictures backup. Does anyone know if this exists?

I think Syncthing can do that. It offers options about versioning. It won’t copy to another location but keep files as they were while adding « versioned » files besides, each time a modification happens.

Can it help ? Or maybe it’s already what you do…

SyncThing offers that for deleted files.
It also has an advanced option to not sync delete actions. Combined with a receive-only folder, that is exactly what I need.

Unfortunately, activating the option to ignore delete actions leads to unstable states, by design. I’ve had discussions with their devs on their forum about why they add this option but in such a way no one can use it…

I found this, not sure if it keeps working continuously and after a reboot once you run the command. But it does exactly what I want. Unfortunately no GUI.

Forgot the link:

Decided to go for luckyBackup (after spending a couple of hours comparing alternatives, my favourite fwbackups but its abandoned and unsupported on recent OS, luckyBackup is very similar and intuitive) for scheduled incremental backups on an internal drive and, on an external drive.

And lsyncd for smartphone Photos backup, in combination with SyncThing to sync my photos to my pc, where lscyncd will constantly backup that synced folder.

TimeShift is already set up for system snapshots.