Edge browser clip taker

I am using the Edge Browser with Bungie, and are very happy with it. The vertical tabs are a favorite.
It comes with a tool for taking screenshots that are handy. But problem is, that I do not know where the screenshots are stored. Have tried to take a snap and glue in with CTRL+V without any luck. Anyone know how I can find the snippets?
Not a big issue since I have Screenshot snippet tool on my main screen. But that app only works on the main screen, so have to move the window before the shot.

I would hope those screenshots would be in ~/Pictures or a subfolder within Pictures. If its not - that would be classed as a bug since Pictures is a common folder.

Other locations I’m guessing is to look within ~/.cache subfolders or ~/.local. Hopefully they aren’t in hidden folders under your home-folder i.e. see folders with . names in ~/

ls -alrt ~/

I see that I have to picture folders. One in Norwegian language, and one in English.
Both are empty. Do not know which one who is considered as “standard” folder for pictures.

Suggest file a bug report with Microsoft - since this is alpha/beta software MS should really fix this.

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And use Firefox, it also has a screenshot feature :smile:

You may find some useful links there ↓ regarding edge

I’d say look into edge://settings probably there some way to set your own path for « screenshots » ?

I just tried in order to help you. If you’re referring to the web capture (ctrl+shift+s), 2 remarks:

  1. The browser asks you where to save them (bar pops up at the bottom), as it’s always been in IE or Edge. You can Save or Save as. Once you’ve downloaded you can show in folder, which brings me to…
  2. If you just click on Save and let the default way of saving operates, it saves the captures in ~/Downloads (/home/youruser/Downloads)

That would be Nedlastinger for you.

Also, note that in your screenshot, one folder is called Nedlastinger and in the favorites Nedlastninger with an additional “n”.

Thanks for input.

I see that the name is different, do not know why. Have changed it now.
Tryed to take a screenshot, but with no luck.

I am using the build in function in the Edge toolbar. I normally always want to take picture of a selection, and glue in to a email etc.

Tried the addon i Firefox, and that worked very well, and saved the shot in “nedlastninger”. So will go with the Firefox for a while. Maybe Edge developers will fix this issue in near future. Do like the layout of the EDGE better than the Firefox. I use the vertical tab Addon with the Firefox as well, but it does not look as nice as with the EDGE since the normal tabs shows at the top as well.

This is “web capture” indeed. I had deactivated it but it can be toggled on/off in the Appearance tab of Settings.

It saves by default to the folder that has been set in the Downloads Tab of the settings. You should start there.

But again, look at the bottom of Edge window, and you should be able to find it.

Does not work on my browser.

Saves nothing in the standard folder when I make an selection and press copy on the tool.

And now the Screencloud app on my desktop and the Firefox addon suddenly stopped working as well. Maybe it is an Budgie problem.

that really is a reach. I fail to see how a desktop interface affect specific apps. Things don’t “suddenly stop working” without something being done before an app misbehaves.

Could it have something to do with that misspelling letter “n” i “nedlastninger” folder. I can tray to change it back to the wrong name and see…
Yepp :slight_smile:
The Screencloud app likes better the wrong spelling name folder. So now I have one folder in my Home folder who is named “nedlastinger” (wrong spelling) and one favorite folder who is called “nedlastninger” (correct spelling). The Edge clipper does not like none of the folders. Firefox clipper works again, so that is good.

What version of Edge are you using?

I’m on 90.0.810.1

Versjon 90.0.810.1 here as well

OK, sorry, I didn’t quite get you before it would seem. I was using the “full page” and not the “free select”.

But indeed nothing happens for me either when clicking “Copy” after using the “free select” feature. It only gives you “Copy” so it makes sense it’s not targeted at producing an output file. It isn’t designed to be saved.
When pressing Copy, I can see a line coming in the clipboard manager but nothing happens when pasting in GIMP or similar. My guess is it’s been foreseen (exists on Windows) but it doesn’t quite work yet on Linux (still at dev level).

In the meantime, you already have Firefox as an alternative.
Another alternative I suggest is installing gnome-screenshot. With this little tool, you can select a specific area of your desktop, it works out of the browser as well but that doesn’t change much.

Yes, it not a big issue and maybe they Will fix it. I have the desktop app from Screencloud who works quite well. It works only on my main screen, so I have to move window before the snap.
Best for me Will be to use the Firefox browser until Edge fix the issue.
Thanks for all feedback!

The Budgie Screenshot applet is pretty handy too. Unfortunately, it’s not a hotkey but a panel icon, so that’s a deal breaker for some. Another downside is the panel icon is only on the main screen so you would still have to move the mouse to the other screen, but that might be better than moving the window to the main screen? You can customize the save directory, countdown time, etc…

For basic “I just need need to capture this area quick” use, I am happy with it.