How do I change the screenshot folder location

thanks for this topic How do I change the save directory for the screenshots applet? - #5 - unfortunately it’s not the same as what i have … i open screenshot from the applications menu, & it’s a very simple interface. there seem to be no available settings. i don’t have an applet or a wdget for screenshot, just the application. i tried to see if i could add a widget to the toolbar at the top of the screen, but it isn’t there as a widget option.

Ah - no worries - the link is assuming you were using the budgie-screenshot-applet available from the Budgie Extras screen.

You are using GNOME Screenshot - I’m afraid you have to poke around in the terminal to change the screenshot location for this app

where can i get this applet? i can’t find a Budgie Extras screen …

Menu - budgie-extras

This assumes you have budgie-welcome installed - if you have removed it then

snap install ubuntu-budgie-welcome --classic

it’s a new laptop & my previous desktop was ubuntu mate, so i’m just starting to find my way around. i haven’t removed anything but i didn’t have the extras - have now installed them & found the screenshot applet - thank you! i will have a play around & see how it works :slight_smile:

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I believe you, and I think I can tell you why you couldn’t find Budgie Welcome and the Budgie Extras. It must be because your operating system is not Ubuntu Budgie but Tuxedo OS, am I right? Your screen capture above shows that you have installed accessories such as the TUXEDO WebFAI Creator. This programme comes from TUXEDO Computers and is not included in Ubuntu Budgie.

As for the GNOME Screenshot app, the screenshot folder location can be changed after the screenshot has been taken. Just press the Take Screenshot button. After the screenshot has been taken, a window will appear where you can name the screenshot and place it in the desired folder. The screenshot app will always remember the last selected folder.

yes you’re right, it’s a Tuxedo laptop with ubuntu and budgie desktop pre-installed. now i’ve installed budgie extras so i have the other screenshot applet & i think this is better than the gnome one :slight_smile:
thanks everyone for all your help!

For setting a default folder in gnome-screenshot, open dconf-editor and browse to :
there add your custom path, something like

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