Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 was lag when play video on browser

Helo Everybody!
I am using Ubuntu 18.04 and a problem was happening. When I play video on youtube or facebook, somtime, this was lag. This video was stunned about 0.5-1s, but noproblem with sound. Sound of was play nomaly. But video was lag. When video was stunned, i can move mouse or touchpad to fix it.
I using Hp - 840 G1 with VGA on Intel 4300U and AMD Radeon 8750m.
I was try linux mint 19. They had a same problem.

Disable AMD Radeon can fix it?

Can you help me fix it!
Thank you very much!

What browser are you using?

If chrome or chromium does the same issue occur with firefox?

I am using Chronium. I tested on Chrome, It was same Chronium.
I have not try with firefox yet.
Thank you!