Chrome pausing in 18.04

Hi all. Is anyone having problems with Chrome pausing briefly for a second or two every 5-10 seconds? It’s noticeable when streaming video or scrolling. It’s been persistent through a Chrome reinstall and without any extensions loaded at all. Firefox on 18.04 is fine. I tried the same version of Chrome in 17.10 Gnome and in Gallium OS and it’s fine there, so maybe an 18.04 issue?

Anyone else experiencing anything?

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If you can reproduce this with chromium please report it via

ubuntu-bug chromium

Reported… Happened with snap install of Chromium as well.

upstream bug-report being tracked here:

Disabling hardware acceleration is the current workaround according to that bug report

Yes. I’ve noticed it on PrimeVideo, Youtube, SonyLiv and Hotstar