Firefox scroll lag on Ubuntu Budgie 19.04

Just installed on my laptop. Everything works fine but the scroll in Firefox is so laggy (in every site I tested, even in the options). Any idea to fix it? First time I experienced this problem with Firefox and I tried many distros on this notebook.
Thanks to the Budgie Team for the great work.

Hi and welcome.

Sounds very odd. Just wondering if this is graphics related. What is your graphics card?

Do you have any Menu - Additional Drivers offered to you?

Hi, and thank you for the answer.
I have intel graphics 500 (the cpu is the celeron n3450) so no additional driver.
Yes, it’s very weird. I tried to play with some setting in about:config with no luck.
Everywhere else and in other browsers the scrolling is perfect.

I’ve installed ubuntu budgie and other ubuntu derived distro in computers with far worse performance than this one but I never experienced a so lagging scroll with Firefox.:thinking:

EDIT: I tried to install the open cl drivers for intel integrated gpu found on the software center but it didn’t fix the scroll.

If you encounter this problem only in Firefox :

  • check in its preferences that « hardware video acceleration » is enabled, and
  • in about:config set « layers.acceleration.force-enabled » to true

sources :
( second link only in case you see « tearing » in any video )

Thank you for the answer.
I already tried to change that settings with no luck
All firefox-derived browsers have this problem (waterfox, tor) while others are fine.
Such a bad news cosidering I use Firefox on all my devices.

Think it would be wise to report it to launchpad. Very likely other early adopters will be having similar issues so the Canonical devs need to be aware … there might be already a fix from Mozilla that Canonical can backport very quickly.

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