Ubuntu Budgie 22.04

Hello, is there a reason why Ubuntu Budgie 22.04 is not mentioned in Distrowatch. All Flavours of Ubuntu are mentioned except for Ubuntu Budgie.

probably best ask distrowatch - I’m guessing there is a contact-us link or something similar.

I never even knew about Ubuntu Budgie until I found a video during a search talking about it. I’m thinking the reason that Ubuntu Budgie is not mentioned at all when looking on Distrowatch is that all the others are officially offered by Canonical on their website, while Ubuntu Budgie is on a different website and maintained from a different group of people. That is my guess for the reason that it isn’t mentioned. Since I found out about Ubuntu Budgie, I do like it much more than the other flavors of Ubuntu, the team behind it has done a great job with it.

Since the distro ranking on Distrowatch is to be taken with a grain of salt, one should not attach too much value to it. As an officially recognised flavour, Ubuntu Budgie, like any other official flavour, has a prominent place on Canonical’s Ubuntu flavours page, with a short description and links to the respective flavour websites.